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Apr 2022


45R's Philosophy, In and Outside the Company.

We renewed the corporate website of 45R, a fashion brand which celebrated its 45th anniversary in 2022. Although its main purpose is to make prospective employees or business partners think, “I want to work at (or with) 45R,” we also aimed to make it a site which could function for the internal communication that raises employee morale during a turning point for a company.


In-Depth Research.

Since 45R is a company with an extremely strong attitude about manufacturing, often the ideas and philosophy behind their manufacturing was not communicated to the outside world. In order to produce an output that would express these ideas and philosophies (which were so reliably and intuitively shared within the company) in a way that was easily understood and easy to emotionally connect with, we needed to take some time to understand the details of their job.


In the Spirit of Building a 45th Anniversary Monument.

We interviewed people in diverse positions and occupations in order to understand every job within the company. After consolidating the info we got in the interviews and creating illustrations, we had further discussions, and made illustrations and copy that would be easily understood by people outside the company, while also making people within the company proud of their own work once again. We also took great care with the flow design, which lets you browse employment info as if you were viewing content, and then allows you to go all the way to completing the application.


Project team

Kazuya Okada
CMO / Producer
Manabu Tsuchiya
Producer / Marketing Director
Umi Teranishi
Project Manager
Rei Yamamoto
Project Manager
Masashi Fujiyoshi
Art Director / Designer
Kento Ishizuka
Hiroaki Yasutomo
CTO / Technical Director
Wongeun Heo
Senior Interactive Designer
Masaya Yamamoto
Creative Director
Manabu Himeda
Takeshi Tanaka (Equal Studio inc.)
Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer, Director
Totaro Tanaka (Equal Studio inc.)

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