delico Branding

FoodTech Capital Inc.
ArtDirection, Design
Oct 2021


Creating the future of restaurants via "Food × Technology" .

We built the logo, brand guidelines, and service website for “delico,” a centralized management tool for delivery services by FoodTech Capital, Inc.


Embodying the idea of a tool.

During the pandemic, delivery services struggled to keep up with the increasing demand for food delivery. A lot of restaurants were struggling with “Tablet Hell” where the more services were used, the more devices that were needed.

“delico” was born from a desire for a tool that would centrally manage such services. The company’s mission is “using technology to advance the food and drink industry.” The aim of our project was to create a brand for delico while organizing the ideas and information around the tool, which was still in the development stage at the beginning of the project.


Making connections smoother to put smiles on the faces of people in the restaurant industry.

“delico” contains the meanings of “delight,” “delicatessen,” “convenience”, and “cooperation.” Setting out to make a logo that presents these elements simply and communicates “a service that makes people smile,” we designed the logo with tones and curves that are friendly and fun. The service website also incorporates the curves of the logo, creating a unified design. We also designed the UI of the tool based on the same design guidelines.

Project team

Dada Okada
Account Planner
Arisa Miyasaka
Nanako Kono
Katsuki Noda
Hideki Nakamura
Product Owner
Yuki Nanri
Technical Director

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