KUUM Brand Site

Project Management, ArtDirection, Design, Development
Mar 2016


Conveying the fun of "assembling" through video and animation.

Under the creative direction of monogoto, a design firm based in Portland, OR,USA, we created an LP for the international launch of the new “Kumu” KUUM building blocks. The site is designed to present the product in a simple way, with a scroll-and-slide interface, and visuals that focus on the product, for overseas users.The coloring, shapes, and detailed animations based on the products also express the worldview of the products themselves, which have a high degree of design perfection.


Representing the simplicity and sophistication of KUUM's design.

KUUM is known for being simple and sophisticated, so we tried to create a simple design for the site using the same scrolling and sliding design as the product itself. We were conscious of creating a rich experience within this simple structure, and creating a site that can present the product well, and also of sticking to the world view of the product with things like coloring, shape, and other fine details.


Use animation to express the tone of the product.

The bright, warm colors of KUUM are incorporated into the animation, and colors similar to those of the main section appear when transitioning between pages. We tried as much as possible to use animation that has a depth to it that cannot be seen on other websites.


  • Red Dot: Best of the Best — Red dot Award
  • Website of the Day — CSSDA

Project team

Wongeun Heo
Senior Interactive Designer
Keitaro Suzuki
Art Director / Designer
Marie Uno (monogoto)
Creative Director
Takumi Ota

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