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Feb 2014


Giving form to the support for artists.

We created the 2014 website for the MVA (SPACE SHOWER MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS), Space Shower TV’s annual music video awards.
From the site users can post messages of support for works and artists. The messages submitted will be selected by draw, and engraved into a commemorative objet d’art to be delivered to the artist who receives the award for the popular vote category, “BEST YOUR CHOICE”. The form of the objet d’art grew randomly in response to fan submissions, which can be seen on the top page, and after a period of time, the final shape was cut out from an aluminum ingot using CNC (Computer Numerical Control).


Trophies visualized and imprinted on the site with fan feedback.

The first issue was to generate ideas to increase the number of votes in the category for MV “Best Your Choice”, which is determined by fans voting on the site. In order to encourage users to vote, we needed an incentive that would motivate them to participate. However, getting users to participate because they think they will be able to get a gift or something like that, is a little removed from the main idea that is to make the awards exciting. We needed to make users want to support the artists, and have the experience that their support is special. With that in mind, we developed the concept of “bringing the voices of the fans to the artist”, from the perspective of what would bring the most joy to the user. From there, the content that is, “create a trophy on the site together with the fans made up of their voices, and deliver it to the artist who won the BEST YOUR CHOICE award”, was designed.


Support is engraved on the trophy using CNC to make visible the voices gathered in real time.

First, the votes of the fans are collected on the site. We created a 3D representation of the space where each of those votes and voices are visualized. The fan votes are then tallied and made into data and a trophy which is given to the artist with the most votes, is cut using CNC, a machine that can produce more complex moldings than a 3D printer. The trophy, with various fan feedback engraved on its surface, became a medium that truly served the purpose of “delivering fan feedback to the artists”. We tried to build a backend that represented the many opinions that came through in real time, by allowing the site to focus on the voices of fans, and display the appearance of trophies by showing how voices were connected when fans voted for the same artist, as well as implement animations on the site. We also enlisted the help of our partner for the data visualization portion of the project, to further refine the presentation methods, and find ways to create a greater impact and motivation to participate when users visited the site.

Project team

Hiroaki Yasutomo
CTO / Technical Director
Junichi Nishiyama
Senior Interactive Designer
Masaya Yamamoto
Director, Project Manager
Keitaro Suzuki
Art Director, Designer
Daiki Machida
Project Manager
Hiroko Okumura
Takeru Suzuki
HTML Corder
Hideyuki Saito (Uniba Inc.)
Shinichi Fukuma (Uniba Inc.)
Kentaro Mizutani (Uniba Inc.)

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