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Nov 2020


Read about the creative examples born of the COVID-19 disaster.

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Nikkei) serves as the Japan representative office of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, which is held every June.
Due to the impact of the COVID-19, 2020's festival was canceled.
We collaborated in the creation of the "LIONS GOOD NEWS 2020" website, which introduces creative examples from the COVID-19 pandemic in relation to the 10 years of Cannes PR Lions awards.


Timeless and diverse examples

There were two main focuses in the design of the website: first, to express the diversity of the case studies that emerged from the special chaos of 2020, and the uniqueness of the perspectives that unraveled them. The other was to express the way in which 10 years of examples from the "past" have transcended time and brought context to the "present.


The strength of graphic design and the depth of expression that only web design can provide

The site contains 10 articles that are very readable. The site contains ten very readable articles, all of which use different fonts and colors to emphasize their uniqueness. The key element is a monochromatic flyer-like object that floats in the air, with examples from the past drifting further back. This sense of depth expresses the 10-year history of the Cannes PR Lions and the depth of the context in which it lives.


  • Site of the Day — Awwwards
  • FWA of the Day — FWA
  • Website of the Day — CSSDA
  • Red Dot: Best of the Best — Red dot Award

Project team

Masaya Yamamoto
COO / Creative Director
Hiroki Miyamoto
Art Director / Senior Designer
Masashi Fujiyoshi
Art Director / Designer
Wongeun Heo
Senior Interactive Designer
Mana Ohtake
Project Manager
Reietsu Hashimoto (Dentsu Inc.)
Creative Director
Tadashi Inokuchi (Dentsu Public Relations inc.)
PR Planner

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