Awwwards Conference Tokyo 2020

Project Management, ArtDirection, Design
Sep 2019


Special site for the "awwwards" conference, held in Asia for the first time.

We created the website for the Awwwards Conference Tokyo 2020, which was held in Asia for the first time in January 2020. The site deals with Japanese cultural content such as anime and manga, which we incorporated into the world view to bring across a Japanese feel that has red as its central color.
Furthermore, the website was created in collaboration with Garden Eight, who worked with us as our official partner for the conference.


Expressing Japan's unique culture and presenting "JAPANESE STYLE".

To get as many people as possible interested in the first event to be held in Asia, we focused on expressing “Japaneseness” on the website. We sought inspiration from unique types of Japanese culture such as anime and manga.
The motifs depicted are not stereotypical ones such as Mt. Fuji or Tokyo Tower, but focus on “real Tokyo” that is based on real-life cityscapes and the people who live in them.
From among the photos taken in various locations, we began drawing illustrations of those that had the most beautiful compositions and colors. Various surprises are scattered throughout the site, including transitions where you can enter into the illustration when moving to a subpage.

Project team

Mana Ohtake
Project Manager
Ryohei Kamada
COO / Art Director / Designer
Arisa Miyasaka
Nobuaki Honma (Garden Eight)
Nao Enomoto
Garden Eight

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