Toyota Motor Corporation
Design, Development
Oct 2013


Presenting the luxury of LEXUS as a unique experience.

Under the slogan “AMAZING IN MOTION,” LEXUS continues to express, “surprises beyond expectations and the excitement that lies ahead”, in a variety of areas beyond the automotive sector. We were in charge of the direction, design, and development of the global website for “BEYOND BY LEXUS,” a magazine for ideas on lifestyle bringing together a wide range of information on travel, architecture, and art, etc., published as part of these activities. Making use of all kinds of arrangements, like parallax and other scrolling transitions, and a presentation that actively incorporate 3D, we created a rich experience that can only be had from a website and cannot be achieved with pages in a magazine.


What we sought was the beauty and sustainability of LEXUS.

In releasing the content published in the magazine “BEYOND BY LEXUS” each month as multiple types of content, we implemented arrangements that were unique and rich for each type of content, striving to communicate the world view of “BEYOND BY LEXUS” in a more multifaceted and dynamic way. On top of that, we applied this to the structure and design to make LEXUS itself appear more appealing. We also designed it to guide visitors to move around the site, and see the multiple types of content, and other pages within the global site.


Surprise beyond expectations with design, animation and combination.

The LEXUS concept of “AMAZING IN MOTION” is expressed through a combination of a layout that utilizes photographs for each type of content, and animations that move as the user scrolls through the site. Animation involves working out the ideas together with the developer from the design review stage, aiming for a high-quality user experience down to the smallest detail on each page. The LEXUS concept of “surprises beyond expectations and the excitement that lies ahead”, is also expressed through how the site is arranged.

“BEYOND BY LEXUS” contains articles on a variety of topics, and by using animations in line with the content of each article, content that richly expresses the world view of the articles has been created. The article list page allows sorting by tags and articles, and the mobile version is structured using a simple componentized layout and typography, with readability being the thing we sought the most.


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  • Site of the Day — Awwwards
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  • Website of the Day — CSSDA
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Project team

Takuma Kato
CEO / Producer
Wongeun Heo
Senior Interactive Designer
Hiroaki Yasutomo
CTO / Technical Director
Masaya Yamamoto
Shoko Takayama
Noboru Oikawa
ArtDirector / Director
Keitaro Suzuki
Takeru Suzuki
Tomohisa Funahashi (COPILOT Inc.)

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