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Planning, Copy, Project Management, ArtDirection, Design, Development
May 2017


Creation of a VI and web site that embodies the teachings of tea ceremony.

We created the global VI and website for the ideathon, “CHACKATHON” organized by Ito En. The global VI visualizes the tea ceremony teaching of “MU” (nothing,emptiness) encompasses everything. Therefore, it is all-powerful”, so that foreign people can understand it. The website was designed to report on the activities of the “Chakkathon” for users in Japan.


How to express "無/mu (nothingness)".

Production began with the question of can VI be used to express the concept of “無/mu (nothingness),” which is at the core of the tea ceremony teachings, and also the idea of accepting everything comprehensively and incorporating the good aspects. Considering the fact that the logo would be used globally, we aimed to create one that would transcend language barriers and allow people to “feel” that concept. We also followed the Japanese concept of “calligraphy”, and incorporated kasure and hane in the logo to express an element of Japaneseness.
In the future, we will collaborate with various companies and organizations to hold Chakkathon events. The logo was designed to be flexible enough to expand and promote those collaborations at such times. We tried to make the design so that edge of the logo can retain its appearance even when various motifs are added.


The overall design has as its motif the teachings of tea ceremony.

The site’s design is decorated with motifs inspired by the “nijiriguchi,” “marumado”, and “tatami” that make up the “tearoom,” which are inseparable from the concept of tea ceremony. In addition, we wanted to provide users with a “story as if they were visiting a tea ceremony hosted by Chakkathon” by aligning the screen design seen when transitioning from the top visuals to the report details page, with the design of the walls, windows, and alcove with hanging scrolls, which they would see when actually visiting a tea ceremony room.

Project team

John Nishiyama
CSO / Copywriter
Wataru Urakawa
Senior Planner / Copywriter
Junichi Nishiyama
Senior Interactive Designer
Masaya Yamamoto
Noboru Oikawa
Art Director, Designer
Tamaki Ichimura
Art Director, Designer
Junko Kihara (Freelance writer)
Copy Writer

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