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Jul 2016


A website that expresses wonderful encounters born out of 'passing one another'.

We have created a promotion site for the matching app ‘CROSS ME’ that turns passing someone into love. We explain how to use this app through a story beginning from when a man and a woman pass each other in the city, to when they meet. In addition, the concept of this application, ‘passing one another’, has also been incorporated into the production of the website, providing different experiences for each user so if it’s a male part there are vertical transitions, and for female parts, horizontal transitions. Please come and experience the wonderful encounters born out of ‘passing one another’.


'Passing one another' is also a new 'encounter' in life.

A form that is spoken of by the so-called phrase of ‘online dating’. We wanted to dispel the negative image inherent in that phrase, so we made careful decisions about the overall copywork, photographs, and design tones. We carried out planning and production from the perspective of communicating to the stylish and active users who are our target, that ‘passing one another’ is also a new ‘encounter’ in life.


Designing a world view where both a male point of view and a female one exist.

Set in Harajuku, Shibuya, which is also the center of Japanese fashion, we photographed graphics that form an overall world view. As for the overall tone, we selected colors while keeping in mind recent trends in fashion. In addition, it allows gender to be set when accessing the website, and it is structured where men and women pass one another and there are vertical transitions for men and horizontal ones for women. Production of the website was carried out so that it embodies the functions of the product.


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Project team

Wataru Urakawa
Senior Planner
John Nishiyama
CSO / Copywriter
Wongeun Heo
Senior Interactive Designer
Daiki Machida
Project Management
Tamaki Ichimura
ArtDirection / Design
Tsukasa Tokura
Yasutomo Sanpei

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