500 Colored Pencils

ArtDirection, Design, Development
Feb 2017


Coloring the entire world with happiness. This site presents the characteristics of colored pencils that have been transformed into 500 different colors.

We have created an LP for Felissimo’s renewed “500 Colored Pencils”, showing the fun that comes with using 500 colored pencils, with parallax effects and color schemes that change every time you look at them.


A site design that compliments the product concept.

The product concept for this project was designed by monogoto. A design and animation that matches the product concept was created through a series of discussions.


Design and animation expressing the allure of 500 colors.

In order to express with charm, as many as 500 color variations not found in other products, colored pencils of all colors were placed in the main visual area, and the colors of the animation displaying things like text, etc., were also implemented to go with the actual color scheme of the product. Using colors that were selected at random from a selection of 500 colors, a mechanism was put in place where a different color was selected each time someone visited the site.

Project team

Wongeun Heo
Senior Interactive Designer
Ryohei Kamada
COO / CDO / Art Director
Keitaro Suzuki
Art Director
Creative Director , Partner
Project Management
amana digital imaging inc.
Photo Retouch

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