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Fujibo Holdings, Inc.
Planning, Project Management, ArtDirection
Nov 2021


Bringing Fujibo HD's Innovation Spirit to the World.

We directed the renewal of Holding’s site to express the Fujibo HD innovation spirit which has been passed down since their founding, as well as to express their “now” and “future” as a global company. At the same time we redesigned their company information materials, and created tabloids used for recruitment activities.


Perceiving Fujibo's "Now," Depicting their "Future."

In order to grasp the more than 100 years of continuous history since their founding, as well as the wide range of specialized business content they handle, we conducted desktop research, hearings and workshops with various departments and positions, and interviews with representatives. We designed a concept that expresses Fujibo’s “past” and “now” so they would be understood, and in the process would simultaneously speak of their “future.” In addition, we also worked hard at the same time to bring to light the functional issues with their previous site, and to resolve these using data design.


A Spiral that Speaks of Identity, and a Rational Design System.

A spiral graphic expresses Fujibo’s identity, which has flexibly changed over time to grasp the needs of the times and the future. We also developed a design motif that properly captures their identity. At the same time, we reexamined their hierarchical structure and renewed their design template so as to better convey their strengths and ideas to their users, and this was then used in all their visuals, such as their web site and pamphlets. Also, this project was created as we worked together from the first stage with our partner Shhh Inc. We would also like to express our thanks to everyone at Shhh Inc.

Project team

Wataru Urakawa
Senior Planner
Hiroki Miyamoto
Art Director / Designer
Dada Okada
Account Planner
Mana Ohtake
Project Manager
Chihiro Shigeta
Project Manager
Masaya Yamamoto
Investor Communications Inc.
Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer, writer
Shinji Yagi (55 Co.,Ltd.)
Photographer, Director of photography
Ryosuke Okuzumi
cameraman, Movie
Masakazu Tsuru (kusabi)
Movie producer

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