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Oct 2017


Think about the future through the sky.

JAL STEAM SCHOOL is one of the new educational programs of ‘SORAIKU®’ that thinks about the future through the sky, centered around STEAM education conducted by Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. This time, we have created a promotion website to recruit participants for this program. In the website’s background, the model airplane that is actually used in the program is expressed using WebGL. We were aiming to create a website where you can feel the program’s atmosphere even from the website, by scattering in designs and animations that match SCHOOL’s policy and stance.


Messaging which makes parents want to recommend it to their children.

In order to express the characteristics of the program, that you can learn seemingly difficult ‘aerodynamics’ through applications and mock-ups in an easy-to-understand and systematic way, we were aiming to express an ‘atmosphere of learning in a positive way’ which has events, by scattering ‘devices’ such as treatments and animations throughout. In addition, assuming that the parents of the targeted participants will see it, we also tried to talk about the advantages from an educational perspective that can be obtained by participating and make them think ‘I want to let my children experience this.’


Animation that tickles their curiosity.

In order to convey the fun that makes people intuitively think ‘I want to try it’, the model airplane used in the program is placed in the background. We created a world in which unique airplanes, that each participant put together by choosing their favorite parts, were flying in the sky. We thought it would be good if we could express as much as possible an attitude that respects the individuality that each of the participating children has, and a picture of them spreading their wings and flying into the future. Expecting that it would be viewed on multiple devices, we designed the website to provide the same experience on a PC/SP/tablet respectively.

Project team

Takuma Kato
CEO / Producer
Wataru Urakawa
Senior Planner
Ryohey Kamada
COO / Art Director / Designer
Wongeun Heo
Senior Interactive Designer
Junichi Nishiyama
Senior Interactive Designer
Toshiyuki Hashimoto (aircord inc.)
Yasutaka Sasaki (aircord inc.)
Shogo Kishino (6D)
Art Director / Designer
Tsukasa Tokura
Front-end Engineer

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