LIVESENSE Recruitment, Corporate Site

Livesense Inc.
Planning, Project Management, ArtDirection, Design, Development
Jan 2017


Creating a consistent brand image in a variety of outputs.

As part of the branding process for Livesense Corporation, we were in charge of creating the corporate site, recruitment site, and company brochure. The corporate site and the recruitment site have different tones, while fostering a relevant brand image.


Visualizing the "character" that crosses both digital and real worlds.

For the corporate site, we used analog lettering and digital, three-dimensional illustrations to express the cross-digital and cross-realistic stance that Livesense aims to take. We also incorporated blurbs in the background as a metaphor for making visible what has not yet been visualized and ” permeating” it as a natural service.


Conveying the Livesense spirit of steadfastly tackling challenges.

We used blue, the corporate color of Livesense, as the base color and created a tone that conveys sincerity throughout.
In addition, by using the actual handwriting of each employee, we were able to convey the atmosphere of the employees and Livesense’s commitment to recruitment.

In addition, while maintaining the overall atmosphere of sincerity, we expressed Livesense’s identity by using the logo in a playful way.

In terms of direction, we used the “?” (question mark) in the logo to convey the attitude that Livesense values of “always asking questions” and “tackling issues with a firm hand.” In the logo, the symbol is reversed, and a variety of gimmicks are scattered throughout the site to express a corporate culture that is not only steadfast but also highly individualistic.

Project team

Ryohei Kamada
COO / CDO / Art Director
Hiroki Miyamoto
Art Director / Designer
Keitaro Suzuki
Art Director
Daiki Machida
Project Manager
Ryosuke Takeuchi (PARADOX Corporation.)
Planner / Copywriter
LIG Inc.
Mana Otsuka (SONICJAM)
Mikako Nohechi (SONICJAM)
Akihiro Morita (SONICJAM)
Fuminari Yoshitsugu

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