Panasonic Design

Panasonic Corporation
ArtDirection, Design, Development
Oct 2021


Showing how a design organization should be.

We renewed the top page and some of the lower pages on the website for Panasonic Design, a design organization of Panasonic Corporation. In addition, we were in charge of the renewal of the website of the organization’s design consulting division, “Future Creation Laboratory.


Visualizing the Philosophy of the Organization.

“Future Craft” is the philosophy of Panasonic Design. We aim to create an affluent life and society, and to serve as a hub for various stakeholders to carefully continue creating (Craft) the future (Future).The goal was to create a place to communicate the organization’s stance and intentions using the keyword “Melt,” which expresses the attitude of not setting a framework and being willing to cross borders in order to realize this goal.


Fusion of Philosophy and Content.

We expressed “Melt” by mixing elements when switching slides on the TOP page, and by changing the color and facial expression depending on the time of access on the “Philosophy” page and blending in with the time.
The “Projects” page, which tells the secret story of the development, incorporates the keywords that guided the organization in this project: “progressive thinking,” “Japanese aesthetics,” and “refined quality,” and combines readability and design as content.

Project team

Takuma Kato
CEO / Producer
Ryohei Kamada
External Advisor / Art Director
Takaaki Sato
Sayaka Kiyose
Front-End Developer
Agency, Content production
Toshihisa Nakamizu
Project Manager
Taro Yoshimura
Front-end Developer

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