StudySapuri Brand Site

Planning, Project Management, ArtDirection, Design, Development
Mar 2021


Giving shape to strengths and thoughts.

We created Study Sapuri’s brand site. We wanted to express the strengths and thoughts of the brand, so the entire team, including the client, worked on its production together.


To understand the intrinsic value.

First, to understand Study Sapuri, we interviewed people in various positions. There, other than the strengths of the business, we were also able to touch on their thoughts that are their basis. We thought that our role in making the site was to convey all of that in an easy-to-understand manner. Also, we designed the content while exploring for a better way to convey the content of the service designed with the users, consisting of students, guardians, and educators, in mind.


Convey value while including "emotion."

We organized content and designed information so that the information straddling Study Sapuri’s multiple services would be conveyed in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand manner on the site. Also, we constructed not just the content but also the key visuals and site design to convey the strengths and consistent thoughts (emotional value) of this same service with confidence, innovation, and friendliness.

Project team

Dada Okada
Account Planner
Masaya Yamamoto
COO / Creative Director
Wataru Urakawa
Senior Planner
Ryohey Kamada
COO / Art Director / Designer
Arisa Miyasaka
Junichi Nishiyama
Senior Interactive Designer
Hiroaki Yasutomo
CTO / Technical Director
Gen Shibano
Project Manager
Kaito Mizuno
Motion Graphic Movie

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