Operation Factory Corporate Site

Operation Factory,inc.
Planning, Project Management, ArtDirection, Design, Development
Jun 2022


A reinterpretation of their corporate identity to match the changing times.

Operation Factory, Inc, operates more than 50 restaurants in Japan. We completely remade their corporate website, including reinterpretations of their “Mission” and “Values,” creating a website concept that could endure the sweeping changes in the restaurant industry due to the pandemic.


How to express "uniqueness" in "simplicity and ease of use"?

Until then, the corporate website had introduced each store’s specialties and story with rich content. Visitors could get more information on each restaurant, however, users nowadays tend to visit websites to make online reservations after obtaining information independently through social media, etc. Therefore, it was necessary to create a website that is more directly connected to the reservation process.

Furthermore, as a lot of changes have been forced upon the restaurant industry due to the pandemic, resulting in changing business conditions, menus, etc. at each restaurant, a new structure was needed for greater flexibility on the operations side as well. The key focus of the overhaul was how to express Operation Factory’s uniqueness while maintaining the simplicity and scalability of the site.


Making online reservations is another exciting part of the restaurant experience.

Operation Factory offers restaurant experiences that customers can’t get anywhere else by focusing on each and every aspect of the unique restaurant concepts, menus, and decorations. We wanted to make online reservations another enjoyable part of the dining experience, so we set out to create a website that would make customers feel Operation Factory’s originality right from the start when making online reservations.

For the photos of each restaurant, we directed the focus towards photos that give a sense of what you can experience at the restaurant, closeups revealing the restaurant’s specialties, etc. Images were specifically chosen to not reveal everything, so as to arouse the imagination and sense of expectation of the customer, allowing excitement to build in the time between making a reservation and eating at the restaurant. This strategy also helps differentiate the site from other gourmet websites. In addition, the menus, vouchers, and other design elements are in keeping with the themes of the restaurants, conveying Operation Factory’s attention to detail on the website as well.

Project team

Kazuya Okada
CMO / Producer
Gen Shibano
Project Manager
Hiroki Miyamoto
Art Director / Designer
Koki Michiai
Yuhei Yasuda
Front-End Developer
Umi Teranishi
Project Manager
Chihiro Shigeta
Project Manager
Rei Yamamoto
Project Manager
Masaya Yamamoto
Producer, Planner
Yusuke Nishibe
Masakazu Tsuru
Director of photography

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